From the President


Welcome to a new year everyone! Here’s hoping it is a great one for all of us, full of good music, great musicians and wonderful opportunities. It’s been a year full of change at ABODA NSW and I’d like to take a moment to thank the committee for supporting the changes you may have noticed. Our logos are all different, our approach to the membership has definitely shifted and we have tried a lot of new things, including suggestions from all of you.

I have been talking with many of you about what our organisation represents, and what it should be doing for all of the band and orchestra conductors in NSW. It has been great to hear all of the creative and brilliant things you think ABODA might do. Therefore I would implore of you all to do two things for us in return this year. For this organisation to be truly representative, we need to get members engaged again, so please talk about ABODA, encourage your colleagues and fellow conductors to join, be active, come to events, and get interested in developing your skills as a conductor. Secondly, please continue to share your ideas with us. The committee are all volunteers who are motivated to help the profession grow and develop in our state.

Our national organisation has been gaining momentum and other states have been doing some great things, including conferences, workshops, and hosting visiting conductors from overseas. We have many conductors in our large state who are desperate for opportunities, events, development, mentorship, and networking and are still unaware that they can get these things through ABODA.  Please feel like this organisation is for you because it really is!

Look forward to seeing you all around and happy conducting in 2013!

Cathy Chan (ABODA NSW President)

Featured image: (Creative Commons License)


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