The Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association (ABODA) is Australia’s premier in-service support organisation for music educators, instrumental music teachers and band & orchestra directors.

ABODA pledges an ongoing commitment to the growth of music education and community music making throughout all areas of the country. ABODA is the only in-service organisation in Australia specifically for ensemble directors and communicates with other professional development organisations both locally and internationally.


  • ABODA provides a valuable and reliable network both on a State and National level.
  • The organisation operates in-services and clinics on a regular basis, including the annual summer conducting schools. ABODA conducts a national conference (ANBOC) bi-annually, with a State conference occurring every other year. Internationally-renowned conductors and clinicians are used at these events.
  • The NSW Branch publishes a quarterly newsletter, “The Score”. Our newsletter contains information about local issues, concerts, reviews, visits and in-services.


ABODA was founded in 1985. State Branches also operate in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. Representatives from each State Branch form the National Executive. National ABODA formulates broad policy and maintains important links with overseas organisations.

2015 NSW Committee

President: Dr Luke Gilmour

Vice-President: Scott Ryan

Vice-President: Cathy Chan

Treasurer: James Pensini

Secretary: Jennifer Power info@abodansw.com

Committee Members – James Brice, Paul Vickers, Mark Brown, Phil Molloy, Tim Crow, Sarah Butler, Alison Housley, Stephen Williams

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