2017 Summer School

2017 Summer Conducting School – The Craft of Conducting

Register now: https://www.trybooking.com/235774

aboda_summer_2017__finala4The Craft of Conducting Summer School led by Mr Stephen Williams will both inspire and invigorate your work in front of your instrumental ensembles. Participants are guaranteed plenty of podium time working with piano, in lab sessions, and conducting the fabulous NSW Police Band. Stephen has conducted professional orchestras, symphonic bands and jazz ensembles all over the world. He has a wealth of ‘homegrown’ experience and a knowledge base to be able to bring out the very best in your conducting and in your rehearsals.

Conducting specifically involves the following: a. The physical gestures – our basic method of communication, b. selection of repertoire, c. rehearsal techniques, d. knowledge of instruments/orchestration and harmony and e. aural skills. This course is a comprehensive approach to the art of enhancing music communication through expressive conducting involving the following:

  • Conducting Mechanics – body mapping, stopping and starting sounds, conducting patterns will be established in simple and compound time-signatures in the four main conducting styles, legato, staccato, marcato and tenuto. Other aspects pertaining to basic conducting technique will also be discussed and put into practice such as the preparatory (pick-ups), fermatas and releases.
  • Expressive conducting and phrase conducting
  • Establishing effective rehearsal procedures and rehearsal management
  • Score preparation – musical components will be identified and addressed as they present themselves in musical scores and enhanced from the podium
  • Choice of repertoire
  • Establishing models and benchmarks in achieving a beautiful sound from the players. Aspects discussed include balances and blends, intonation, making the group more ‘pro-active’ and thereby play more together as an ensemble
  • Strategies to enable conductors to get their groups to be more proficient and pro-active in watching and listening, both in rehearsal and performance

Sessions will be delivered in a lecture/discussion format and will also include rehearsal-conducting opportunities for each participant at a level that addresses that individual’s conducting experience and ability in a relaxed environment, which will encourage personal and collective growth.

  • Date: 21-25 January 2017
  • Venue: North Sydney Girls High School Auditorium 365 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest New South Wales 2065
  • Costs: Full Participant: $750, Student Participant: $500, Observer: $450, Student Observer: $300
  • Scores: Participants will be expected to provide their own scores for the set works they intend to conduct on the final two days.

Register now: https://www.trybooking.com/235774

Proudly Supported by:

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BOSTES LogoABODA NSW through the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW- Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) (formerly the NSW Institute of Teachers) as the endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for the maintenance of accreditation at Proficient, Highly Accomplished, and Lead levels.

Scope of Endorsement

– All Standards of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the level of Proficient and Highly Accomplished and Lead.

Completing the ABODA NSW Summer Conducting School 21-25 Jan 2017 will contribute 30 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 2.1.2; 2.2.2; 3.2.2; 3.3.2; 3.5.2; 4.2.2; 6.2.2; 6.3.2; 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.



One response to “2017 Summer School

  1. Hello ABODA,

    I attended a Steve Williams one day PD in 2014. Totally amazing. At my school I conduct Yr4 training band, Y5-12 Concert Band and an18p Stage Band. I am very interested in attending the Summer school.


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